Thankful Thursdays: Down Time

 - by lexie

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On March 16th I officially finished rotations for my dietetic internship. For the past 9 months I feel like the internship has consumed about 95% of my time. After interning for 8-9 hours a day I would go home only to spend more time studying and writing up assignments. Although it was exhausting, it was completely worth it and I can honestly say I loved all my experiences and the opportunities the program provided.

Since finishing rotations, I suddenly found myself with so much extra time. I didn’t have a full-on demanding schedule and I could take viagra 50mg things at a slower pace. It took me a few days to adjust to this but then I realized my mind and body needed the down time. If I wanted to lay on the couch and watch re-runs of Real Housewives I let myself. If I wanted to lay in bed for an hour after waking I listened to my body and did it. To some, this might be a no-brainer but I have always had trouble simply relaxing. In the past I couldn’t totally relax without thinking of all the other things I had to get done, everything I could be or should be doing instead of just laying and relaxing. I was like this through college too and Kevin would constantly be reminding me to slow down and relax. But for me, it was always easier said than done – that is, until this week. Having this down time and beginning each day at a slower pace has made me be thankful for smaller things that I normally would be too rushed to enjoy. I learnt to be so appreciative of things like sitting down for a cooked breakfast and actually taking my time to

savor everything about the meal instead of whipping up a breakfast and eating it while reading emails/checking the weather/doing my hair.

celebrex from canada

I became more adventurous in the kitchen, making Brussels Sprouts chips for the first time and eating them in my slippers Smile


These little things may not mean much to others, but to me they were small things that had a big impact both mentally and physically.

The crazy working world awaits, so for now, each and every day I am going to be thankful for (and enjoy!) this down time.

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  • Alysa Bajenaru, RD

    Sounds perfect!

  • Carlene @ Carlene’s Figments

    Congrats on finishing your program! I’m thrilled for you and your trip home.

    • Anonymous

      Thank You! Sounds like you are close to finishing too!!