Mini Kiss Pies

 - by lexie

Hi All!

Lately I have had a serious Pinterest addiction. If you haven”t heard of or checked out pinterest, you neeeeed to! Its so much fun. It”s like a virtual pinboard, people

post all kinds of photos and ideas and you can generic viagra in the us add them to your own personal boards with a myriad of categories.

Last weekend I stumbled on this cute idea: Hershey”s kisses wrapped in pie crust.


I decided to give them a go. They were probably the easiest thing I”ve ever baked (…if you could call it baking?)

I simply cut circles out of the pie crust and placed a kiss in the middle of each circle.

I then pinched the dough up around the kiss, lightly brushed egg white on the outside and sprinkled love hearts around.

After baking at 350F for 25mins, these little parcels were ready to serve!

I”m thinking these would make a perfect Valentine”s treat or would suit any holiday or occasion by mixing

up the colors of sprinkles and flavors of kisses inside.

Enjoy!nolvadex buy

  • Sonia

    Hi there, this is such an interesting and inspiring post. will surely try this recipe of yours. Best Regards, sonia

  • Kristen @ Swanky Dietitian

    Those look delicious! I ask myself often, “what did I do before pinterest??” I love it soo much!
    Lately, the app on my phone hasn’t been working and I have been going through withdrawls. :(

  • Meghan Smith

    Gah these look ahmazing!!! I am coming over to steal one now okay :-)

  • Nikki

    Ahh, I too have a serious Pinterest addiction!! There are just so many fabulous ideas that I never new about before. These look delicious by the way and I’m thinking I might have to give them a go!

  • Dmarie

    what a cute, quick sweetie. need to remember this for sure! (jumped here from Cooking.In.College) thanks for sharing!

  • kaliesthoughts

    oh cute!

  • Casey @ Pocket Full of Sunshine

    Those are so cute, and look super tasty!!

  • Iris Bartke

    Just baked them , sort of dry and lack of flavor , I used reg milk chocolate kisses and sprinkle s. I even added powdered sugar . Sort of sucks cuz these are for a cookie swap and I am not doing another 6 doz of another cookie .